Tia Mohair-Lloyd

Hair Phazzes

Contact Info:
Suite Number: 300
Salon Number: 832-563-5522
Address: 5288 West 34th, Houston, Texas  77092
Web Address: http://myspace.com/phazzestia

Salon Hours:
Tue – Wed 9am – 2pm
Thu 9am – 6pm
Fri 9am – 8pm
Sat 5am – 11am

About Me:
I invite you to come find your phase at “Hair Phazzes” where perfection is my objective and satisfaction is my goal.

Services offered include: Long and short cuts, wraps, weaves (bond & sewn) goddess braids, soft looks, spikes, Mohawks, flips, up-do’s, French rolls, twists, barrel balls, healthy hair, hair treatments, and hair growth.

Customer service is important and I value your time so call me and set an appointment for your phase.

  • Consultations given with every appointment.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday referral specials available.
  • Products: Nairobi and CB Smooth

Tia Mohair-Lloyd