Roxanne Bailey

Contact Info:
Suite Number: 204
Salon Number: 281-770-7631

Salon Hours:
Thu – Sat 8am – 6pm

About Me:
My name is Roxanne Bailey and I am highly motivated in my gift as a hair care professional and a licensed cosmetology instructor.  My many years in this industry has rewarded me in not only my skill but a friendly dependable clientele base.

Hair by any name is just hair.  I am experienced in many areas of hair care/hairstyling such as, chemical, natural style and special treatments for damaged hair.

Come in and let me educate you on your hair problems and experience the difference in great hair care.  Consultations are free and geared towards your specific needs.

Services Provided:

  • Relaxer & Texturizer Care
  • Natural Blowout (Treatment)
  • Hair Silkening Treatments
  • Hair Cuts – All Types
  • Wig Attachment (Unit)
  • Weaving (Closures)
  • Color – All Types
  • Hair Revival Treatment
  • Transitional Hair Care Services
  • Additional Services Offered



Roxanne Bailey