TJ Calhoun

Life Salon & Spa
TJ the Hair Stylist
Suite Number:  500
Salon Number:  346-394-4941
Mobile  Number:  832-524-2619
Email Address:  thomascalhoun053@gmail.com
Address:  10950 North Freeway, Houston, Texas  77037

The mission of LIFE Salon & Spa is not only to produce a beautiful appearance, but to nurture by relaxing the body and mind.  We strive to give you LIFE by providing the ultimate luxurious, intimate, flawless experience.

The owner and lead stylist, Thomas Calhoun, better known as TJ the Hair Stylist has extensive experience in styling and maintenance of the multi-ethnic and culturally diverse hair care.  We offer a wide variety of hair and  skin care services as well as gift packages for new and existing clients.  Schedule your Luxurious, Intimate, Flawless, Experience today.

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TJ Calhoun