Kiarra Tyler

Bodied by Keki’

Contact Info:
Suite Number:    206
Salon Number:   832-318-4592
Email Address:    bodiedbyKeKi19@gmail.com
Instagram:          @bodiedby_keki19

 About Kiarra:
Kiarra has always been a “girly girl” and since she was a child she wanted to go into the beauty industry.  As she got into her teens, she experienced weight gain and loss, so she knows how it feels to be embarrassed enough to hide and be invisible!  She was determined to learn how to take care of her body in the best was possible and to help others do the same.  A healthy body make a world of difference in the confidence you have.  Building confidence and making others feel beautiful is why she loves what she does!

Educating her clients on their body and what they can do to help get a great kick start to their journey is what she loves most!  Kiarra’s strong points include really listening to her clients verbally as well as their body language.  She focuses on their needs while also educating them. She can be outgoing, which is important in building relationships yet she is also mellow, calm and soft spoken which is great to help her clients relax and feel at peace.  Kiarra is a friendly, kind and caring person who enjoys listening and building a relationship with each client.

Kiarra Tyler