Kenyetta O’Neal

Bodied by Keki’

Contact Info:
Suite Number:    206
Salon Number:   346-252-7335
Address:  10950 North Freeway, Houston, Texas 77037
Email Address:    bodiedbyKeKi19@gmail.com
Instagram:          @bodiedby_keki19

About Kenyetta:
Kenyetta O’Neal draws upon 2.5 years in the Health and Body industry, beginning her career as a CMA. After learning and the health and wellness, the importance to a healthy lifestyle, she decided to combine her passions for caring and health – She became a certified medical assistant that landed her first job at a weight loss clinic. She later went on to explore her career working alongside an Otolaryngologist. In 2017 she had a dramatic change in her personal life that gave her a drive that she never expected herself. Not only does Kenyetta bring her profession inside Salon Park Suites, she also brings her passion for the industry. After earning a diploma Florida Career College Kenyatta continued her education she has certification and education in: Body Contouring. Treating all Body types and conditions using the most advanced body care system on the market today. Her passion for knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing body care/beauty industry ensures that she stays informed with the latest technologies and cutting edge ingredients in body care, which she loves to share with her clients. As a self-professed “body health and enhancement junkie” she continues to enjoy searching for the best in unique and “must have” beauty items and services. Every product at Bodied By Keki` has been tried, tested and hand-chosen by Kenyetta herself.

“I feel fortunate to have a profession that I truly enjoy whether it is a treatment that helps a client relax or a treatment that gives some much needed confidence. Since the beginning of my career I have gained a wonderful client base and wish to keep learning new techniques and information I can share with my clients. I have been a leader in offering state of the art technology, cutting edge body care treatments and unique services.”

Kenyetta O’Neal